Nestled off the coast of West Papua, Indonesia. Our planting sites in this enchanting location are a haven for lush tropical rainforests and flourishing mangrove forests.

These vibrant ecosystems provide a home to a diverse array of native mammals and birds, while uplifting local communities.

Vital Eco-System Restoration

The first of our two exceptional planting projects on Biak focuses on the restoration of mangroves along the island's eastern edge near Mnurwar, preserving this vital coastal ecosystem.

Community Growth

Secondly is our work in the village of Korem, where we plant pineapple trees, mangroves, and tropical forest, creating a harmonious blend of agroforestry and ecological restoration.

At One World, our projects go beyond reforestation.

We're dedicated to creating positive change by providing meaningful employment opportunities for local communities.

By doing so, we not only inject vital resources into these communities but also ensure the restoration and long-term protection of the region's precious natural habitats and species.

Whats the Impact?


  • Provide stability for the land and protect against coastal erosion.
  • Create a buffer to protect from storm destruction.
  • Protect biodiversity through restoring and expanding habitat.
  • Restore underwater habitats and revitalize fish populations.
  • Prevent further environmental devastation and encourage land stewardship by involving locals in reforestation.
  • Sequester carbon to help combat climate change.


  • Provide steady employment and income to those who had little or no income. Positions at this site include planters and site managers.
  • Empower Indigenous communities and provide resources to help combat inequality.
  • Empower the local communities to restore and protect their land.
  • Steady income allows local Eden workers to:

Why Indonesia?

Indonesia is a captivating tourism destination known for its breathtaking beauty and rich biodiversity.

It's home to approximately 23% of the world's mangrove forests, making it a vital global treasure.

However, the past five decades have witnessed a devastating loss of over 40% of Indonesia's mangroves due to deforestation.

These destructive actions have had a profound impact on indigenous communities, who bear the brunt of climate change's adverse effects.

  • How It Started

    In 2017, mangrove forest restoration began in Indonesia through collaboration with local leaders.

    Recognizing the urgent need for restoration, the leaders on Biak Island partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects.

    Together, they launched large-scale mangrove reforestation projects, providing employment opportunities for the local community

  • How Its Going

    After only one year, planting efforts far exceeded initial expectations, with over 1.7 million trees planted by the local communities.

    Since then, expansion has led to a total of fifteen project sites in several remote islands and the mainland of West Papua.

    Through reforestation and agroforestry programs, hundreds of people living in extreme poverty are given new opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and food security.


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