The purpose is simple

To offer an easy & affordable platform to make genuinely positive impacts.

For the climate. For people in need. For threatened species. For generations to come

Striving to help to our clients grow while offering trust & transparency at every step to ensure absolute confidence in our services

Grow now!

One Worlds Roots

In the depths of our planet's growing environmental challenges, One World emerged as a beacon of hope and restoration.

Born out of a profound love for nature and a deep-rooted desire to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world, One World was founded.

The seeds were planted from firsthand experience of the devastating consequences of deforestation and habitat loss.

Struck by the urgency of the situation, I was compelled to take action and help restore the balance between humanity and the natural world

Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Kit. One World's Founder

Growing up on the border of a lush state forest, my connection with the natural world was forged. Exploring the Australian bush became my daily adventure, nurturing a profound love for nature. Scuba diving deepened this passion, leading me on unforgettable journeys and shaping my career.

However, a severe back injury shattered my dreams and set me on a tumultuous path of self-discovery over the next decade. Determination led me to start my own business in Colombia, where I witnessed the awe-inspiring beauty of the land.

Yet, as the pandemic unfolded, circumstances shifted once again, prompting a crucial decision. This marked a turning point for me to embark on a new chapter devoted to my love of nature and the healing of our planet.

Driven by this purpose, I now strive to make a positive impact by committing myself to environmental restoration and conservation. With each step forward, I aim to contribute to the healing of our Earth, embracing the opportunity to create a brighter, greener future for all.

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