In the lush region of Bukidnon, Philippines, lies a tapestry of natural wonders, rich wildlife, and vibrant culture that has been deeply impacted by deforestation.

Our support impacts the people who call this place home, the remarkable wildlife that once thrived here, and the hopeful vision for a brighter future through reforestation.

The People and Culture

Bukidnon is inhabited by indigenous communities known as the Lumad people, who have lived harmoniously with nature for centuries.

Their deep connection to the land, spiritual beliefs, and sustainable practices reflect their profound respect for the environment.

The Lumad's cultural heritage is intertwined with the thriving forests, and their traditions, stories, and rituals reflect a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between humans and nature.

A Glorious Array of Wildlife

Bukidnon was once a haven for an astonishing array of wildlife. Its dense forests were home to Philippine eagles, tarsiers, flying lemurs, Philippine warty pigs, and many more unique species.

The interconnected web of life in these forests sustained these animals, creating a thriving ecosystem that balanced the delicate dance between predator and prey.

Sadly, the loss of habitat due to deforestation has resulted in the decline and even extinction of some of these remarkable creatures.

Whats the Impact?


  • Reforestation restores and regenerates the forest ecosystem.
  • Increased forest cover improves air and water quality.
  • Restoration of habitat supports the return of diverse wildlife species.
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide, mitigating climate change.
  • Reforestation helps prevent soil erosion and protects watersheds.
  • Biodiversity increases, contributing to a balanced ecosystem.


  • Employment opportunities are created for local communities, improving livelihoods.
  • Indigenous communities regain their ancestral connection to the land.
  • Cultural heritage is preserved and celebrated through sustainable practices.
  • Community empowerment and capacity building are fostered.
  • Access to clean water and other ecosystem services is enhanced.
  • Increased awareness and education about environmental conservation.
  • Improved resilience against natural disasters and climate change effects.

The Journey: Where Hope Takes Root

In 2021, with the invaluable support of local communities and the government, the first steps were taken towards regaining what was lost.

Despite facing numerous challenges such as remote training, communication barriers, and travel restrictions, dedicated teams established planting sites in Kibuwa and Canitoan.

These remote areas hold immense potential for transformation, and together with the Filipino community, we are committed to nurturing, planting, and protecting millions of trees.

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Our Progress: Nurturing the Seeds of Change

Through the challenges imposed by strict lockdown guidelines, our Project team has achieved remarkable milestones in the first year.

In collaboration with indigenous groups, they've established two nurseries, each capable of producing 20,000 seedlings per month.

Additionally, conducted extensive land surveys, covering over 3,000 hectares (nearly 7,500 acres), paving the way for the remarkable transformation that lies ahead.

  • Bukidnon - Kibuwa Site

    In the breathtaking region of Bukidnon, we are steadfast in preserving the local forest and montane rainforest on indigenous land.

    Collaborating closely with the community, we address fire prevention and management, empower them with sustainable farming practices, and ensure the long-term well-being of both the forests and the people who depend on them.

  • Misamis Oriental - Canitoan-Pagatpat Site

    In the verdant landscapes of Misamis Oriental, we work hand in hand with the community to fulfill their agreement with the government, securing legal land ownership through reforestation efforts.

    Our focus is on implementing innovative agroforestry techniques that promote food security, safeguard the forests from logging, and revive biodiversity in the area.

    When their goal is achieved, this community will finally hold legal title to the land they have nurtured, marking a historic milestone in their rights and heritage.

The Power of Reforestation and Community Empowerment

Amidst the challenges, a beacon of hope emerges. Reforestation efforts in Bukidnon offer a glimmer of possibility, empowering the Lumad communities and reigniting their connection with the land.

As trees take root once again, the environment begins to regenerate, providing habitat for wildlife and restoring the intricate ecological balance.

Moreover, reforestation projects create employment opportunities for the Lumad people, fostering sustainable livelihoods and preserving their unique cultural heritage.

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