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Be A Nature Nurturer🌳Fund, Plant & Grow 50,000 Native Trees

Be A Nature Nurturer🌳Fund, Plant & Grow 50,000 Native Trees

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🌍 Are you prepared to make an enormous impact on our precious planet? 🌱

Join us in the grand endeavor to nurture and rejuvenate Mother Earth! 🌳🌿

In a world awakening to the profound importance of our environment, there's no greater way to participate in the colossal task of creating a healthier, more vibrant world than by supporting monumental projects that restore and safeguard our Earth.

As environmental challenges continue to mount, your support for this monumental cause carries towering significance. It's not only crucial to reduce our ecological footprint, but it's also paramount to provide our planet with the monumental care and protection it deserves.

The time for monumental action is upon us, and we extend a monumental invitation for you to stand alongside us in this noble and monumental mission. Let's together be the monumental change our world yearns for, forging a path toward a more monumental, sustainable, and harmonious world for all. 🤝🌎

Here's the immeasurable impact you're about to unleash:

🌳 Carbon Miracle:

By planting these 50,000 trees, you're orchestrating a symphony of carbon sequestration. These trees are on a mission to absorb a staggering 15,400,000 kilograms of CO2 during their lifetimes. It's like erasing emissions from over 7,700 cars driven for a year or offsetting the energy consumption of more than 1,500 homes for a year. You're the conductor of climate redemption. 🎶

🌿 Habitat Marvel:

Nurture vibrant habitats where life flourishes. With 50,000 trees, you're breathing life into barren landscapes, fostering biodiversity, and providing a sanctuary for countless species. Witness the power of ecological renaissance and the triumphant return of ecosystems. 🏞️

🌍 Resilience Beyond Measure:

Forge a stronghold against the tempest of climate change. These trees stand as nature's guardians, curbing rising temperatures, orchestrating weather patterns, and holding back floods. They create an oasis of sustainable water resources and offer solace during sweltering summers. This forest becomes an unwavering shield against the chaos of climate change. 🌊☀️

🐾 Conservation Monument:

Safeguard our environmental heritage. Your support signifies a profound commitment to protecting endangered species, vital ecosystems, and the delicate tapestry of nature. You're etching your mark on the annals of conservation history and igniting the flames of inspiration for generations to come. 🌿🦓

💼 Sustainable Empowerment:

Catalyze a sustainable revolution that uplifts communities. Planting 50,000 trees generates sustainable livelihoods, empowers local communities, and fuels ancillary industries like sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism. You're contributing to economic prosperity deeply rooted in the stewardship of these lush forests. 💪🌱

Rest assured, dedicated teams are the steadfast guardians of these trees. They stand watch, ensuring the survival and growth of each tree through vigilant monitoring, meticulous maintenance, and swift responses to potential threats.

By funding 50,000 trees, you're making a profound contribution to ecosystem restoration, climate change mitigation, biodiversity preservation, and community development. Join us in creating a resilient, thriving, and sustainable world. 🌿🌍

Together, let's compose a symphony of change, a masterpiece of renewal, and leave an indelible mark on the future of our planet.

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You purchase enables us to provide...

Where does your money go..

Interested about where you'll be restoring?

Find out here

We are a Non-For-Profit, but still have costs.

Here's where your money goes...

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Doesnt Buying More Products Just Make More Problems?

Yes and No. While every physical product we sell does have an impact in some regard, we also have to concede to the fact that we live in a consumer society, and most people want something physical in return for their money. That's why we have done our best to address this challenge. Our approach is twofold:

  1. Sustainability and Longevity: We are committed to providing products that are made in a sustainable way. We meticulously choose materials and production processes that minimize harm to the environment. Additionally, we only offer products designed for a long lifetime of use. This means less frequent replacements and less overall waste, reducing the negative impact associated with the disposable culture.
  2. Positive Impact Through Restoration: By purchasing products from us, the positive impacts they leave from our contributions to landscape restoration far outweigh any negative ones. We allocate a portion of our proceeds to various landscape restoration initiatives. These efforts focus on rehabilitating ecosystems, planting trees, and supporting biodiversity. Your purchase helps us make a tangible, positive difference in the world.

However, if you are genuinely concerned about contributing to the production and shipping of products and prefer a more direct approach to environmental preservation, we offer an alternative. Our original and favorite offering is the option to contribute solely to landscape restoration:

Landscape Restoration Pledge: This option is free from shipping and production, meaning your entire pledge goes directly towards improving the health of our planet. Although you won't receive anything physical in the post, rest assured that many things will be happening that your eyes can't see. Your support will lead to real, positive changes in the environment. As a token of our appreciation, you'll also receive a digital certificate as a memento for your tremendous deed.

How can I be sure my purchase funds landscape restoration?

As an Australian registered Non for Profit, our business is not just obligated, but dedicated to environmental sustainability and using business as a force for good.

We are proud to offer a guarantee to our customers that our planting practices are of the highest quality and that every tree funded will be planted.

Our guarantee includes a minimum survival rate for planted trees, and we work closely with local communities to ensure that our planting practices are sustainable and respectful of the environment.

To ensure transparency in our operations, we provide detailed information about our planting receipts and employ an independent third-party auditor to evaluate our practices annually.

Our auditor is a reputable environmental consulting firm that uses a rigorous evaluation process to ensure that we are fulfilling our promises to our customers and supporting the local communities where we plant trees.

We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment through our planting initiatives.

We restore land in deforested areas and support reforestation initiatives that promote biodiversity, sequester carbon, and restore degraded landscapes.

While a portion of your contribution goes towards covering the costs of running our business, such as acquiring new clients and transaction fees, we are a Non For Profit business that is committed to using our resources to support sustainable practices and make a positive impact on the environment.

In summary, you can trust that your money is being converted into trees through our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, rigorous planting practices, independent auditing, and support for sustainable initiatives.

Is this really going to make a difference?


There are billions of people around the world who are concerned about the future of our planet, but may not know how to make a meaningful impact.

That's where our platform comes in - we provide an easy and affordable way to make a significant contribution to climate positivity.

If you're able to spend money on luxury items like barista-made coffee, new clothes, and filling up your petrol tank, then giving back to the planet should be seen as a small social obligation.

By supporting our initiative, you'll be helping to plant millions of trees, offset huge amounts of CO2, create valuable employment opportunities, and restore habitat for countless creatures.

Our goal is to drive positive change through collective action, and with your contribution, we can achieve it.

So, rest assured that every little bit counts and together, we can make a difference.

Why are the projects only in developing countries?

Reforestation programs in developing countries serve as a beneficial form of aid by not only mitigating carbon emissions but also promoting better health and reducing poverty for those living in vulnerable regions.

The individuals residing in developing countries often have a significantly lower carbon footprint than those living in developed nations, yet they suffer the most from the consequences of climate change.

Opting for reforestation projects in developing nations allows for a more significant socioeconomic and environmental impact compared to investing in similar initiatives in developed countries.

Who is restoring the land?

Locals in our project locations are educated and employed to propagate and plant the species.

These are generally people from communities who are suffering from the effects of climate change and deforestation but have no ability to make a change on their own.

They are paid fair wages and receive medical and holiday benefits as well. This employment is absolutely life-changing for these communities.

Are taxes and shipping included?

For all orders over $75, we gladly front the shipping costs

Due to the range of products we offer and to the number of countries, shipping and taxes are different for each customers.

These are calculated upon checkout.

If you are just funding trees and landscape restoration, no tax or shipping is applied.

For physical products, there will be a shipping fee and tax applied at checkout. Because most of our products are print on demand, the more products you purchase should only require a one time shipping fee rather than shipping for each product

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